Saved by Aslan from troubled teenage years, Sharon Hughson has long appreciated the magic to be found in Narnia and other fictional realms. Soon after learning to read, Sharon devoured every book she touched. Eventually, she discovered that fantasy stories stimulated her “creative brain.” The more “real-to-life” a story was, the less escape it offered her, even when its truths were profound and well-delivered.

Reading is indeed a portal to elsewhere.

As the years rolled on, the words whispered poems and stories, and she translated them into spiral notebooks. Sometimes, she wrote skits or articles, but the make-believe stories clawed for escape. To release the beast, Sharon finished her English literature degree (to prove she could do it and make herself feel more “qualified” for the task) and started writing fictional stories.

But that isn’t all. She’s crafted Bible studies and is slogging through a Christian living book featuring many personal experiences of her journey through grief after the death of her grandmother and mother.

When she isn’t writing, Sharon works as a substitute teacher in local middle and high schools, and enjoys outdoor activities when it’s sunny and scrapbooking family memories when Oregon sunshine (rain) makes its appearance. She lives near the Columbia River with her husband and three cats.

For many years, she has written Bible lessons for youth group, teenagers and women.  In recent years, she has presented at workshops and retreats. Bible characters fascinate her and offer encouragement and insight for real living. Can these truths be presented in a more accessible format? Something any person can relate to? Those questions led to the creation of Reflections from a Pondering Heart.

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